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Melody Of Truth

Kagepro Festa Main Visual
By ちみぃ

※Permission to reprint was granted by the original artist.

this is going to be a new cell phone bg. I love the art for KP so much.
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Track: "Decision"
AAA Gold Symphony part 2

So now the focus is solely on AAA.

Saturday night we purchased the tickets from the Lawson machine :) I have no idea where the seats were but regardless I knew how the concert goes and I know how interactive with the audience they are so I was accepting of anywhere in the arena! :)

Sunday we wake up, the concert started an hour earlier but I knew the drill so we head out and I decided that when we got there I would DM shinjiro, hidaka and chiaki :) so I sent them this picture..


Day 2!! I was ready to go again!!!! hahahah

So we get to the venue, we meet this amazing mother standing next to us on line and she asked where we were sitting and I showed them to her and she said WHOA AMAZING! And I’m thinking OMG HOW DID WE SCORE GOOD TICKETS THE DAY BEFORE?! Welp,


I can’t believe that we got lucky enough to get better seats than the day before.  They were the face value so OMG for insanely less money we got even better seats. Front row the second tier but because it jutted out we were actually closer!!!!

I won’t go through the set list again, because you know the songs already, but as soon as it started Chiaki and Shuta were on our side on the stairs and I was able to make immediate eye contact and get some waves in! I couldn’t freaking believe it. Right off the bat! Naoya was also on our side, not on the stairs but closest to us but he totally kept looking!! (My friend had his color) and it was SO FREAKING AWESOME! I was like OMG is this cuz of the DM?!?! HAHA.

Anyway, this time when they first came out into the audience I was able to get waves from everyone. We were in such a spot with only 9 other people around us and the two people sitting next to us (Yuri and her mother) had two A-pands set up in front of them and were the sweetest people to sit next to!!!

Anyways, the concerts going on, Chiaki kept looking to our side dancing with us at multiple points in the concert. I was living the freaking dream. Dacchan looked up to us at one point and when we made eye contact he gave me the head nod wave. when it was the MC time and they asked where we were from Yuri and her mother helped us yell New york but to no avail! Haha AAA didn’t hear us but it’s ok because the events that happened later were well worth it. So towards the end of the concert now and I was so determined to focus on the last time they come out into the audience to get ANYONES ball.

So AAA is getting onto the carts that the staff push thru the crowd and Misako at one point just stares at us LOL she was probably like white people? wait white people!??!?! HAHAHA But anyways during 777 we had this awesome moment where she was smiling at me and I was singing and then she started singing so I was freaking out cuz we were singing together LMAO.

Anyways, Shinjiro saw us again and gave this amazingly huge smile and wave. We were trying so hard to get Shuta’s attention at one point for his autographed ball because Yuri or her mom was so we were trying to help them out but to no avail he just smiled and waved! (they wanted his ball)

OH! during one of the MCs AAA did this adorable game of charades, Naoya had a word, told it to Nissy and he was the one that had to tell it to the members who each went down the line to Shinjiro who was last hahaha. Shuta wasn’t included since he was getting water but when he came back Naoya made him the special item (hint person) it was hilarious, the word was shinkansen and nissy did the funniest charades for us, with chiaki copying next..and when shuta came out to give his special item he made some freaking hilarious sound effects that were SO not helpful the members were only left confused. SOMEHOW at one point after everyone was getting wrong SOMEHOW Misako knew what it was!!! so she guessed right, but it was just a simple moment so cute!

AH and in the first MC Hidaka was talking about the stop on the Shinkansen before Nagano that had a fancy resort and he wanted to go play tennis there, well somehow it turned into Nissy played kuchibiru tennis LOL so with hilarious sound effects and moving his lips back and forth with his hands he was playing lip tennis. omfg. it was the funniest.

Then it was the end of the concert (the encore) and this day the audience was a lot less people BUT WAY more energized omfg. Such a better crowd than Saturday so the encore AAA was really up to their shenanigans, Nissy was all over the place. At the MC right before the end while he was walking off stage to go get water he was pretending to pick his nose and make a hilarious face omfg it was so funny. Then during the encore he was singing while he was laying on his back on the stage…Oh man they were just so hilarious sunday night!

I knew what was coming though, that final cruise through the audience, (sorry this is so out of order, it should be in order now.) and I knew it was my last chance to get someones ball. Nissy has started out on the other side so I knew he’d make his way to our side eventually but I focused on Chiaki who was dancing with us once again, with Naoya and Shuta and Hidaka. And then it was my chance…

Nissy was coming, I knew it was happening…Misako was staring our way again (this was when we had our singing moment) and my friend started pointing to me for a ball (which I didn’t know she was doing) but Misako was staring but she must have noticed all the orange because she didn’t make a move to throw her ball, I was also starting to shout Nissy and somehow Nissy turned around, i don’t know if he heard me, but whatever it was….he turned around…he was on his last ball…my friend was pointing at me…it must have clicked I don’t know but all the sudden he’s staring right at me and Im freaking the f out.  The next thing I know…he has his ball in his hand, he’s lining it up to me, like he’s taking aim…and he gave this gentle throw RIGHT FREAKING TO ME. LITERALLY HE THREW IT RIGHT TO ME!!!! I start jumping up and down OMG-ing cuz I was freaking the f. out. At some point I believe I said THANK YOU! My brain was mush but I’m pretty sure I did that because he did a head bow after I said it. 

And then just like that he walked off the cart back onto the stage. I could not believe anything that had just happened….could not believe it.

Then the final goodbyes, I knew this was the end but I didn’t want to believe it, I waved good bye to everyone, it was the last time but I got ALL 7!!! I was so happy. I didn’t know what I did to deserve all this.

So we’re walking out of the concert and I’m holding the ball and all these AAA fans are asking for pics of it, with me, I had taken a lot of pictures with other fans but my friend has them on her camera so I can’t share yet but we’re just hanging outside the big hat by the goods tent taking pictures and all the sudden I hear footsteps running up to me! It was the kid who was in front of us yesterday! He was so awesome! He was like HEY remember me from yesterday?! hahaha he couldn’t believe I caught a ball and it was really cool that he remembered me enough to run up and say hi!

Now, this last part, I still can’t believe….

We walk to Nagano station and I’m hoping to get one last glimpse of AAA, so I ask my friend if we could just sit for a few and hang out. Well the second we sit down we see these 2 girls FREAKING out. and I’m like OMG NO NO NO. ALREADY?! THEYRE HERE?! NO I CANT. So next thing I know, I just say we need to get up and catch this next train (I really wanted to be on the same train not thinking what happened next would ever come to pass) so we get up and we start walking and I turn to say something to my friend and then THERE THEY FREAKING ARE. AAA IS RIGHT BEHIND US. SHINJIRO IS STARING AT ME. AND I DONT KNOW I FROZE I WAS LIKE OMG WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?! He’s looking at me like he was going to say something so I say HI. HOW AREYOU?! HAHA…YUP. HI HOW ARE YOU. WHAT AN IDIOT, I told him that the live was incredible…we’re walking up the stairs now, Chiaki and Hidaka and their staff (WHO WAS DOING NOTHING but laughing I CANT BELIEVE THEY DIDNT YELL AT ME) anyway Chiaki, hidaka and the staff are giggling at our convo in English it was INCREDIBLE, smiled at chiaki and Hidaka and they smiled back…but they were ADORABLE because shinjiro was speaking english and they just find it funny.

So he asks how long I’ve been in Japan, why I was in Japan, how I was liking it…and just like that I HAD A FREAKING CONVERSATION WITH SHINJIRO. At this point the Japanese fans were getting closer and closer and louder and louder so they had to move quicker, Nissy walking right next to me before I even realized it, Shuta right next to me..the only 2 I missed were Naoya and Misako cuz I was just in a daze. I could not WITH LIFE AT THIS POINT I WAS JUST MUSH.

So we hop on the same train as AAA and my friend and I were freaking out. She couldn’t even muster any words other than KRISTI NISSY!! LOL..cuz I didn’t even freaking realize he was right next to me. So we’re sitting down and I’m like I need to tweet Shinjiro, not thinking anything of it, I just said that I wish we could have talked more on the stairs at Nagano station whatevs. So we’re sitting, chatting, I’m freaking the f out cuz i know they’re on the train…and then I say to my friend, thats it. I need to find them on the train…I just wanna see them, I won’t say anything I just wanna see them. 

SO we start our journey walking thru the cars, I knew they’d be in the swanky car so as we’re walking thru we see x-gun/budei!!!! and it was great because he was like half asleep and his eyes were half open when we were walking by BUT he recognized us!!!! and smiled and head nodded again and I did the same of course but I didn’t wanna say anything because he WAS SOOOO tired looking it was hilarious..his eyes were soooooo droopy hahahaha.

and then we hit the last cars, the swanky ones. I’m like OK let’s just stand here…I cant do it, I can’t walk thru I’m too nervous let’s just wait till the doors open (they were automatic)….so we’re chatting hanging out there and then all the sudden a guy catches us off guard and walks thru the door on the opposite side so I didn’t see it coming and who is in my freaking line of sight but shinjiro!!! HAHAHA we make eye contact and even though he has a mask on, I could see his eyes and he had an amazing smile on it was THE FREAKING CUTEST THING EVER. Misako was in front of him, Naoya across from Misako in the front row but the other members I could not see and at this point now that Shinjiro knew I was there I could NOT walk thru hahahaah. so I was frozen I slither behind the wall with the dumbest smile on my face like him, it was hilarious. Misako was just staring at us I don’t think she realized we were fans thank god. poor thing looked exhausted anyway, after that I was like OMG I’m such a creeper lets go sit down. LOL So we go sit down and I check my phone and I see all these notifications and I’m like OMFG NO. NO. NO HE DIDNT.


and I’m dead. I’m so beyond dead it’s not even funny.

After that, we reached Tokyo station the last stop so I knew I had one last chance to see them all. In the mass exit of the crowd off the train I see them and I just stare…oogle…the last time I’ll see AAA till god knows when. 

Anyways, so ends everything in life…that I just have no words for. AAA I love you so dgjfdsjglswrioefjs much. It. Is. Not. Even. funny how much I love this group. It was so incredible…I still…the ball, shinjiro, the tweet. It was just too much for me because when we’re back on the yamanote line going home I lost it. Completely lost it and I was crying into my gold symphony towel and this hot guy was sitting across from me staring at me. I felt so embarrassed but I didn’t care at this point. It just hit me so hard that I was leaving Japan at the end of the following week and god knew when I’d see AAA again. So I had my cry from the overwhelming emotions I was experiencing. 

I am so grateful I hope I can one day experience it all again.

AAA,OOR & Japan. Part 1

So it’s time to blog about this. It’s almost over 2 weeks now and I still can’t believe all of it happened but my trip to Japan was INCREDIBLE.

From the beginning to the end I had such incredible luck that I have no idea what I did to deserve it. It was so incredible and I just kept pinching myself because it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life (probably next to AAA’s trip to Otakon.)

One thing is, I tried not to go over the top with my AAA concert going just because at any second I felt like it was going to be cancelled for some random strange reason because I don’t like to take anything for granted so in the back of my mind I felt like it was never going to happen and the fact that everything happened…I can’t believe it all. It was very overwhelming and truly amazing. If any one wonders why AAA is my favorite group after this, there is something wrong in your brain.

But I have to start from the very beginning. Before we even got on the plane to Japan.

SO starting from Warped Tour the day before, I had seen One OK Rock live. I met them, I got some pics with them, chatted with Taka and I was able to tell him I was going to Japan the next day. And he answered…ME TOO…I thought wth? Maybe he didn’t understand me…there’s no way they’re wrapping it up and leaving that soon, how awesome would it be we were on the same plane!

Anyway, Warper Tour, the meet and greet with OOR ended and moving on to the next day my friends and I are at Newark International Airport the usual early few hours before the flight and we’re situated by our gate when I head to the bathroom and BOOM ONE OK ROCK is right there, standing…right there. I never make it to the bathroom, run back to my friends tell them who is there and then I make my way back to the bathroom…Toru is staring at me (LOL) and I’m like Hey! I’m a fan I love you guys! He looks so stunned thanks me and I head to the bathroom. I get out of the bathroom they’re sitting behind us against the wall, but Taka is missing. Well I sit down and all the sudden Taka starts aimlessly walking (he was looking for a cell charger) and where does he sit? Right by us!!!

As you can see, that’s my stuff under him and I’m to the leftish with the orange nail polish haha - well while he’s charging his phone I decide to say something…Hey I was at your show yesterday *his eyes light up* you guys were amazing. He’s like WOW really?! I’m glad you enjoyed it…then since he’s charging his phone there’s no escape BWUAHAH so he chats with us for a few and I showed him our picture he remembered me, he asks us about our trip blah blah…it was incredible.

Now it’s time to board the plane. Unfortunately OOR wasn’t on this plane, but their staff was so it was still cool - well we’re waiting and waiting…2 hours later…after multiple notices we are told we have to get off and switch planes…well we get off the plane and as soon as I walk out the door BOOM Taka is standing there, waiting for his staff with the rest of the band hahaha.

So we’re waiting a bit then the next plane finally parks and we board that one, this time with OOR ON BOARD!!!! They all walk by us, smile and nod and they were seated in the back back so the 1 time I got up to go potty I see them and they’re were all passed out hahahaha.

Taka and Toru really were incredible for this trip, and to have that last chance with him and tell me he remembers me, I was sooooo happy.
-End of OOR tales-

-AAA tales-
Fast forward to Saturday!

We’re on the shinkansen to Nagano, I got my concert goods on, my nails were painted bright orange for Nissy so basically I was a walking AAA fan in Nagano (which even though the olympics were there they are NOT used to foreigners and most of the AAA fans oogled at me like WHAT ARE YOU?!?!) It wasn’t a bad town, it was quite peaceful and beautiful to walk through the houses and see the random shrines in the midst of everything. But when were at Big Hat, there was a super market next store so the AAA fans were staring at me like I was a rare pokemon. It was not a bad stare it was just fascination. Which hey whatevs I don’t mind.

Back to the shinkansen, so we have reached Nagano, as we were getting off the train I immediately see AAA fans all dressed up and I was so excited to see their outfits, etc but then I noticed they’re freaking out and I’m like WHAT IS GOING ON?! Which makes me turn around and realize IT WAS 3/7 AAA members!!!! Chiaki, Hidaka and Naoya get off the same FREAKING train as us…so my instincts take over I start heading down the stairs to where they’re going and they get into a van Hidaka smiles at me (hello white girl in AAA outfit not hard to spot) and the windows are so damn tinted I can’t do much else but chalk up my luck to hey this will be it, and my friends and I begin our walk to the big hat.
So we’re roaming around the goods area I see X-gun/Budei/however you spell his name over at his usual spot taking pics with everyone. Since I know he doesn’t speak english he kept staring at us so I wish I was more confident in my Japanese because I really wanted to say something other than a wave and a smile, but he smiled head nodded and we were just being creepy hanging out by him since it was so cool seeing him in person rather than on youtube for once!!!!

So since I had purchased fan club tickets I knew there was a different line up so I asked staff and he literally walked us to where we had to go in line…the service in Japan…ugh…in America staff people SUCK, it was so freaking pleasant in Japan. So we’re in line and a nice group of friends in front of us kept apologizing cuz their group was getting bigger and bigger - but we all had seat numbers so it’s not like they were going to be in my way haha - they were so thankful to us so it was nice seeing them not afraid of us LOL since we were stared at for hours while we waited for the concert. Now I know it wasn’t out of anger it was just interest.

So now it was time for concert start (on time, unlike the kpop concerts and english speaking artists i have seen -_-) Anyway they came out with 1. Call - ugh it was a flawless opening! The gold sparkles on the outfits they wore was SO cool! Just added to their amazing stage presence. It was SO incredible. 2. Paradise and 3. Makenai Kokoro Ugh so freaking flawless, vocals - dancing - verything about these songs I love!!!
Then 4. Mask. This song, I just was ok with, I never got the LOVE point, it was a little too chaotic for me when Hidaka’s rap hit. Well, you know seeing a song live changes your mind sometimes? That’s exactly what happened with this song. Holy. Shit. The stage presence of AAA, when they walked to center stage and the stage was spinning and their outfits and their shadows on the wall holy crap it was INCREDIBLE I got chills!!!! Hidaka’s part is not my favorite in the song and I freaking LOVE this song now. Ugh I can’t wait for everyone to see it when the DVD is released it was SO incredible.
5. MUSIC!!! And right from a serious song to a happy one, they go into Music!!! and what a fun song this is! This was the first time they came out into the audience to throw their autographed balls and send some waves to everyone! they were on this extendable carts they just stood on them and I think staff guided them (they may have been motorized too) so this was the first time I got my waves in to some members! And it transitioned from MUSIC!!! to 6. Crazy Gonna Crazy as they passed each other in the audience and the members in each carts switched from one side to the other so you got to see all 7 members.

Then it was an outfit change to these gorgeous outfits red and black themed and Shinjiro had an adorable top hat on. Dacchan opened 7. Miss you on the piano and it was so freaking gorgeous ugh. He is so talented. The vocals for this song were INCREDIBLE. Then you heard the clock and it was right into 8.Aitai Riyuu (the cheers for this song were really loud) and then the members did some splitting up and their stage trick where the spinning stages meet and all the members appear for the 9. Find You/Hide Away medley which is SO FREAKING COOL every time I see it I still get chills! and then 10. Koi Oto SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL OMG at the end of the song the instrumentals played a little while longer with the violin and heart shaped confetti fell ahhh picturing it in my head now <3 it was so pretty.

Time for another clothing change! To this floral-ish outfits or so they looked…white and blue like straight into 11. SHOWTIME! the beginning started playing and I was so pumped!!! Right after SHOWTIME was 12. CIRCLE! This one they played a little instrumental so the members could teach us the dance they wanted us to do, and when to do the dance! It was so cute!! Chiaki was quite the crowd motivator during the lives I saw! she was adorable she was looking at us dancing with us at some point during this live!

THEN it was the talk. They chatted about different stuff I forgot >< They asked people in the audience to yell where they were from, some other random Nagano stuff, how hot it was outside. One thing I appreciate was they changed up the talk from saturday to sunday so they didn’t talk about the same crap, which a lot of lazy american artists do (from experience) but I won’t say who…hahahah…anyways so it was nice that they were different…even with the set list. the members were walking on and off stage for their water breaks it was really cute.

Then Naoya transitioned it into 13. Wonderful Life. Such a peaceful song <3 one of which the Japanese doesn’t get me tongue tied so I was easily able to sing along! And they went right into 14. Party It Up! Shuta’s opening beatbox was THE BEST. OMG I had no idea he could beatbox like that!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!! And their “last song” was 15. Niji!!! I love this song so I was full on squeeing! It’s such a happy song and so full of energy, the members were waving and looking at everyone it was great!

Then X-gun/Budei/etc. comes out announces the winner, we did some member name cheering it was funny, and then time for the encore!! They come out in their Gold Symphony outfits and so energetic right off the bat ready to dance 16. We Are! (the tv size version T_T) so it was over quickly and right into 17. WAKE UP! THEY GO!!
Then it’s time for the final talk, at this point I knew the end was coming so I was just oogling them trying to take it all in cuz I didn’t know when/if I’d ever get to see them again so I was just soaking in the moment. There was one hilarious moment during this talk where Nissy was doing his Wake Up wake up wake up wake up heartbeat we are the one go head dance with his ridiculous faces and he was saying he wanted to have a fight with someone in the audience to do that dance. So some random guy was selected, they did the fight and it was freaking hilarious. 18-19-20 I4U/SUNSHINE/777 They went back out into the audience on the carts for these songs, to throw more autographed balls and wave! They were so energetic and singing and smiling. 777 was another song I did love, but seeing it live just took it to the next level~!!

Then came the final 2 songs I had my towel ready to toss around for 21. Hurrican Riri!! Ah it was so cool and the final song 22. LOVE also a song easy to sing along with!!! I was so sad because I knew it was coming to a close. After love came the final ending talk the goodbyes and their final waves to the crowd and the part where Naoya sssshhhs the crowd and they tell without their mics. Ah it was so magical

At points during the first night I got amazing smiles and waves from Shinjiro, seriously when he saw me he like did a jump thing of surprise and waved more! Then (because I had so much orange) Nissy was waving at one point with one hand and when we made eye contact he gave me a double wave! A few of the other members gave me waves, I didn’t get everyone this night but I was still satisfied…but not at the same time cuz I was getting greedy.

I knew there was another day so as we were walking back to the train station I was so freaking depressed my friend was saying let’s go tomorrow..I thought nothing of it, because I was like seriouisly? Are you being serious?

Well as soon as we made it back to Tokyo, she was serious…we went to LAwson just to see how far we could get on the machine and we figured it out. The tickets were still available I had no idea where they were but we got em!! So I was undepressed for the night hahaha, I couldn’t believe I was getting another chance to see AAA it was like a dream!!!!

Part 2….coming soon!!!!


Finished Mekakucity Actors, and lord did I not realize what I was getting myself into.


Contrary to what I’ve been reading basically everywhere I look at reviews, I actually LOVED the anime.  While I am a sucker for that happy ending, I know that the anime technically isn’t the “true” ending.

What would you guys follow?

Since the songs came first I feel like the song Summertime Record is the truest of true endings, but who knows what the light novels and mangas will bring us.

I’m just glad that despite the shortness of the series, I can linger on to my feels since there is so much involved within the story and the different routes!

Side note. When I was in Japan last week, I made sure to buy something from every anime (basically) at the Animate store since I knew how much more money it’d be to import it/find it, and damn I picked a Shuya/Kano keychain to buy, boy is my favorite character. It is liked he called out to me LOLOL. But anyway, it was awesome that I picked someone who I really ended up loving as a character.  BUT point is, i regret not buying everything Mekakucity Actors because I LOVE the series so much. Sigh, it’ll probably be that way with all the animes I randomly purchased one thing from though.

I have read my OTP fall in love a thousand times, and I shall read my OTP fall in love a thousand times more
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waking up and realizing you slept through your alarm


this was me yesterday….1.5 hours late to work T_T
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